Welcome, to CPhillips Media. We are a department under Chad Phillips Photography. CPhillipsMedia is run by Chad's son Chase. Combined CPhillips Media has over 20 years of experience designing websites and providing services to businesses around the Sioux Empire. We not only specialize in custom Web Design but also in Web Hosting and Search Engine Optimization. If our clients request that they would like some up to date photos or videos of some recent projects or products then we can get that all covered in house at our studio. We have no need to go through a second company there is no middle man just you and us working together to get your brand out on the web in a modern and professional look for your future clients.





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The CPhillips Media Strategy.

We like to strive in a well practiced work ethic to make sure our projects are done within the time limit and budget. We always keep in direct contact with our clients before and after each and every project. We love to make sure that everyone on both sides is pleased with the finished product.

  1. We always start with meeting in person or over the phone.
  2. We follow up with what kind of website you'd like to have as in how it would feel, the theme, what crowd it is aiming towards, and what the main idea of the website is.
  3. Every week we give an update as to where your website is sitting and looking.
  4. Then when it is about two to three weeks out from your deadline we sit down and have a full review of what your website looks like; how the website is designed and what kind of thoughts and/or concerns you may have.
  5. We then take each and every bit that you'd like to have changed whether it be big or small and change it or add it.
  6. Then when it is finally the launch day we meet with you again to make sure everything is set correctly and let it go live with everyone present.